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The consumption of tobacco, certain medicines, and foods such as coffee, tea, red wine, etc. can cause teeth to turn yellow. This situation affects the deep layers of tooth enamel.


Who can benefit from tooth whitening?

It is not difficult to get rid of the change in the color of teeth. However, an oral check-up must be performed to ensure that the patient has no gum disease or tooth decay.

Generally, the procedure is effective after undergoing orthodontic treatment, and it is beneficial to get rid of all dental stains. The recommended age for performing tooth whitening is 18+ because, at this age, all dental tissues are already well developed. The procedure has no negative effects on health.


Who can’t benefit from a tooth whitening process?

Although tooth whitening has no negative effect on dental health, this procedure is not suitable for everyone:

  • It is not recommended for people under 18 years because their dental tissues are not yet well developed
  • People with gum disease
  • If you have caries
  • If your teeth have fillings/obstructions on the visible parts
  • When your teeth have tetracycline stains.
  • Teeth whitening is not effective on dental implants or crowns.


This procedure is very short. One hour is enough to get rid of all the stains.


Advantages of teeth whitening

This process has several advantages, including:

  • Supervision from our doctors when it is performed in our clinic
  • Fast results in only 1 hour
  • No discomfort or pain
  • No damage to the enamel of your teeth
  • Improved smile
  • Durable whitening. The process can last up to 6 months.