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Who are we?

Tunisia HealthCare is the leader in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in the country. As such, we benefit from a solid reputation with our patients and partners around the world. We offer quality services to all people residing in other countries.

We have partnered with Residence le Corail Hotel and Barclay’s Group Travel to provide and facilitate travel arrangements and your medical stay in Tunisia. Our experience, safe service, prices and accreditation are the main reasons why you should travel with us.

Through your medical trip to Tunisia, you will have the opportunity to visit the country. You will discover all its historical sites, its beautiful beaches, etc. As the leader in our domain, we have been privileged to partner only with high skilled surgeons and clinics. Our medical staff is perfectly equipped and competent to provide you with the best services in Cosmetic, Plastic and Dental Surgery, Laser Treatment and more.

Not only will you benefit from advanced care practices, but they are available at the most affordable and competitive prices. We guarantee our patients with secured procedures, use of top-quality materials as well as the best end surgery results.

We also make use of the latest technologies and we are with you every step of the way. From your travel to your stay and your departure from Tunisia, our team offer you secured and quality treatments. With us, you will enjoy complete travel packages.

Tunisia HealthCare is dedicated to providing you with a complete service and adequate attention with every aspect of your medical trip in the country. Indeed, from the day you arrive until the day of your flight back to your home, we take the responsibility of guiding you throughout your stay and procedures. Our coordinators and staff are fluent in three languages: French, Arabic and English. You will have no problem communicating with them and they will assist you whenever you are in need. Also, they are trained in the domain of Cosmetic Surgery to intervene whenever need be.

To help you make your decision, we offer standard trip packages that include:

  • The complete procedure together with postop services
  • Your stay in our medical clinic for your surgery or treatment
  • Complete tests and analyses before the surgery
  • Accommodation in hotels before and after your surgery for recovery
  • Assistance
  • Transportation

In addition to this package, we are able to offer additional services concerning your medical stay or tourism at affordable rates. At Tunisia Health Care, we consider our patients like VIPs. Thus, we pamper and provide them quality care and a professional and comfortable environment.

Once your decision is made to travel with us in Tunisia for your procedure, we expect you to send us all your medical information. This will help our surgeons and staff to effectively plan your trip and surgery. We do not have waiting lists. As soon as you book for one of our services and all information are checked, you are scheduled for your cosmetic treatment.

Be sure to check all the care and cosmetics treatments we provide, to choose the one that will help you attain your physical ideal. Our only happiness lies in helping you gain your well-being, confidence, and personal satisfaction. Indeed, your trust is what drives us to achieve more.

Our Partner


Barclay’s Group Travel

We have partnered with Barclay’s Group Travel who is a leading group in the travel agencies domain in Tunisia. While promoting sustainable tourism in the country, it still provides quality standard services to satisfy and meet the needs of its ever-growing customers.


This is the national airline of Tunisia. The company covers more than 28 countries and 101 destinations through its wide network. As such, they are served by more than 90 charter and 48 scheduled flights. Tunisair thus covers major cities in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

British Airways

It is the United Kingdom’s national airline company. It serves national and international flights from its main hub located at Heathrow airport London. British Airways is a founding member of OneWorld.