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General surgery deals with the diagnosis and treatment of numerous injuries, conditions and pathologies. Generally, hospitalization is not necessary.

General Surgery in Tunisia

Our surgeons take care of several pathologies including:

  • Cure of gallstones
  • Hernia cure (femoral, inguinal, umbilical)
  • Herniated cures.

Cancer surgery in Tunisia

  • Fixation of an implantable site
  • Lymph node dissection and Mastectomy
  • Breast lump

Pediatric surgery in Tunisia

  • Hypospadias cures
  • Hernia cures

Gynecological surgery in Tunisia

Here, surgeons perform hysterectomies and uterine fibroid surgery.

Urological Surgery in Tunisia

  • Prostatic adenoma resections
  • Cures of varicoceles

Vascular surgery in Tunisia

  • Varicose vein surgery