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The gastric band procedure is an intervention that involves reducing the size of your stomach. This surgery is usually performed to help the patient lose weight. The band is inserted all around the upper part of the stomach and creates a kind of gastric pouch.


The specialty of the gastric band is that it helps reduce the quantity of meals eaten every day. Thus, it promotes gradual weight loss. To observe quick results, it is necessary to maintain healthy eating habits.

The procedure

Before the intervention, a complete check-up is carried out to ensure that you are in good health condition. During the check-up, several tests are carried out; with a psychiatrist, nutritionist, anesthetist, pulmonologist, cardiologist, as well as a gastric fibroscopy to determine the stomach’s condition.

When they are satisfied with your general condition, the surgeons schedule the surgery. The intervention is carried out under general anesthesia and often by laparoscopy. This method limits the size of incisions on the abdomen, thus reducing complications and postoperative side effects.

The gastric band placed is adjustable and the procedure is reversible. Indeed, in (rare) cases where a new operation is necessary, the surgeon will have no difficulty removing the band and the stomach will easily return to its original shape.

Through this procedure, the gastric band acts as a kind of belt by tightening the upper part of the stomach and dividing it into 2 parts. Again, the surgery does not require cutting or extracting your intestine or part of your stomach.

After surgery

After the intervention, the surgeon recommends consultation with a dietician. The patient is directly placed on a diet, and specific instructions are provided for this purpose.

Generally, during the first month after the surgery, it is recommended to consume liquid foods, regularly and in small quantities, before shifting to small portions of puree. Solid food is introduced as recovery progresses, with the objective of adopting new healthy habits.

Although the procedure is always successful, the weight loss process depends on the patient’s ability to comply with the doctor’s recommendations regarding his diet.

Representative model

Representative model of the technique of Adjustable Gastric Band