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Also called genioplasty, chin surgery is a procedure used to correct the appearance of the chin. Indeed, its modification restores the harmony of the face and balances the profile. This intervention can be useful in subsequent cases:

  • Either your chin is too prominent, too pronounced, or advanced. In this case, surgery is performed to reduce it.
  • Or, the chin is receding. The surgery here is performed to increase it.

The intervention

In most cases, genioplasty is performed by an incision in the mouth, at the lower lip, or the skin under the chin. The surgeon proceeds with a planing that will allow him to come up with the desired shape. It is either design to refine or to reduce it.


Depending on the type of genioplasty performed, the procedure can take 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Chin surgery can be performed under local anesthesia. However, when combined with profiloplasty, general anesthesia is considered.


The recovery period is generally not long. During the period, you may experience minor pain and weakness, accompanied by slight bruising. Good oral hygiene is important. Performing disinfectant mouthwashes several times a day is recommended.

It is also possible to feel uncomfortable when eating. Therefore, a semi-liquid diet is recommended for a few days. You will avoid any movement or activity that could shock or harm your chin. One week is generally enough and you will be able to resume to your professional activities.