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Cheekbones are an essential part of the aesthetics and beauty of the face. Indeed, they highlight its contours when they are adequately defined. In many cultures around the world, prominent cheekbones are a sign of beauty and provide their owner with an expressive and younger appearance.

They highlight the eyes, smile and jaw. It is now possible today to increase or decrease their volume, depending on the patient’s preference. In most cases, this procedure is associated with rhinoplasty, profiloplacy, and facelift or chin surgery. It is rarely carried out in isolation.

The intervention

During the surgery, the surgeon performs incisions inside the mouth and inserts the implant. The prosthesis is fixed with an onlay material that is directly absorbed by the body. The scars are not visible since the incisions are made in the mouth.


The procedure lasts for 1 hour.


It is usually performed under local anesthesia. However, it may be practiced under general anesthesia if it is combined with another surgery.


Recovery after a cheekbone surgery is not as painful as it may seem. However, it is possible to feel numbness and slight pain in the mouth. Bruises may appear the first few days which is totally normal, but they will subsequently disappear after a few weeks.