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The buttock lift is a surgery that aims at lifting your buttocks to give them a beautiful shape, if they are falling, too big or flat.

Large and/or drooping buttocks

Women with large buttocks usually have excess skin that causes a sort of crease under the butt. To get rid of it, butt lift is the ideal solution. The surgeon simply lifts the buttocks through surgery to remove this excess skin and fat.

Flat and/or drooping buttocks

It may happen that a woman’s butts are flat and she needs volume. Buttock plastic surgery is helpful in such cases. Generally, women falling in this situation have no excess skin or fat, hence the lack of volume.

The procedure

When the buttocks are too big, the surgeon simply performs liposuction, which consists of aspirating the excess fat. This action is performed in the upper and middle parts of the butt.

In the case of an increase in buttocks volume, the surgeon usually incorporates a buttock implant. He simply performs an incision in the crease located under the butts or in the inter-gluteal crease, as the case may be.

If the buttocks are rather drooping, the removal of the excess skin automatically leads to a scar in the buttock crease, since the incision will be made there.