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Generally, breast reduction is carried out when there is an excess volume in the natural breasts that represents a handicap, or when the patient has previously undergone a breast augmentation and the size is voluminous. Indeed, an extremely pronounced chest may cause health issues including back pains, breathing difficulties, postural problems, skin irritations, neck pain, etc.

The procedure

Breast reduction is designed to reduce breast size. When performing the surgery, the surgeon removes the excess skin and fat, while repositioning the mammary areola. Depending on your age, he decides on how much to remove.

Three types of incisions are made to perform breast reduction:

  • Around the areola of the breast,
  • A horizontal incision made at the base of the breast,
  • The vertical incision made under the breast.

The surgeries are carried out in complete safety and our surgeons do provide you appropriate, realistic and natural solutions.


Breast reduction generally lasts from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the case.


In most cases, it is performed under general anesthesia.


The surgeon generally recommends a night in the clinic, under supervision. He also prescribes painkillers and antibiotics to reduce pains and requires the patient to take a week of rest. During the recovery period, physical activities are not recommended. Wearing an anatomical or special bra is required and the doctor removes stitches around 7 to 12 days after the surgery.