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Dental facets

Dental facets have been developed to improve the appearance of teeth and smile. They provide our patients with harmonious mouths and teeth.


Dental facets are used to correct the appearance of teeth. As a matter of fact, they improve their size, shape, color, and position. Depending on the nature of the procedure to be performed, the dentist may practice the surgery using two methods, namely:

Facet fitting without cutting the tooth

 When the procedure does not require trimming of the tooth, the dentist incorporates the facets directly on the patient’s teeth, without modifying their shape. To carry out this process, he uses the patient’s dental impression in order to request the production of his facets by a competent laboratory.

Laying the veneer by cutting the tooth

When the facet is placed by cutting the tooth, local anesthesia is performed. The dentist proceeds to clean the surface of your teeth, slightly corrects the appearance of the enamel by removing a thin layer to facilitate the sticking of the facet.

A dental impression is required and taken to manufacture the facets. These are made of ceramic and porcelain and are fixed with resin.

Post-oprerative care

Fitting of a dental facet does not require hospitalization and you will be able to resume your activities the next day.